Ever since I can remember I have been obsessive about good design. I can recall sitting on the carpet as a kindergarten student, rearranging the mess of puzzle pieces because they just weren’t pleasing to look at. When asked what I was doing I responded frankly “I’m fixing this puzzle torture!”

Since then I’ve moved on to other obsessions. I have a passionate relationship with typography. Nothing makes me more irate than seeing Papyrus splashed across the top of a menu. On the other hand there is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing a new and interesting typeface used in a feature spread of a magazine.

I come from a creative background that includes dance, photography, and sketching. These things all remain a very important part of my life. I am fanatical about all things musical, and I constantly strive to find new and interesting bands to listen to. I don’t find many things quite as inspiring as a freshly updated Itunes library.

I moved to Toronto from a small town north of the city three years ago. I love this city: from the art scene and the culture, to the fact that a girl with a ridiculous number of food allergies can somehow still manage to be a foodie. I am a city girl at heart, I thrive in a fast paced environment that is constantly evolving.

I approach every job I undertake with a unique style. I am very collaborative and love working within a team. However, I am also a self-starter, and am highly motivated; I bring my own creative twist to everything I do.

In my spare time, you’ll probably find me looking wistfully at pictures of English Bulldogs, or enjoying a margarita the size of a goldfish bowl. My sense of humor is quick and witty, and my love of Stormtroopers is unparalleled. I think I’d make an asset to any team, and am hungry for experience in the field that I love: Graphic Design.

This website is a collection of my current work. Please Enjoy.

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