Hi, I’m Jaimie, and before we get too far into this I need to get a few things out on the table: I’m allergic to everything. Gluten? No can do. Dairy? I wouldn’t. Apples? Haha…big time no. And yes, I realize this has nothing to do with design, but if we ever have lunch together, you are now emotionally prepared.

As a designer, my focus is on story-telling. I strive to create an experience that will affect people in some way; I do this using any medium necessary. From typography and copy writing, to motion graphics and prototyping, and even to drone flying, I am ready to work across multiple disciplines to get the job done. And yeah, I have been known, on occasion, to “accidentally” park my drone in a tree, but my aptitude at parking is completely beside the point.

Other important aspects of my design career are the relationships that I have built, both with my co-workers and with clients. As a design co-lead, I prioritized being a mentor to the junior designers pushing them to their fullest potential. I have done portfolio reviews with design students, and worked very closely with interns. Alternatively building strong relationships with clients is a super important part of my process. Collaborating and really getting them to trust me is a huge part of what has made the projects I’ve worked on successful.

Other things to know about me? I love puns. So much so that I even created a line of punny stationary with Chapters/Indigo. I’ve been an avid dancer since the age of three, with no end in sight. I am on a never ending quest to find new music. I love photography, and despite a “leafy” start, I am actually quite capable at flying a drone. I love to visit New York City, but the only place I call home is the city of Toronto.

Need to know more? My portfolio is a good place to start.

Click here for a link to my resume.

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Email: hallarnj@gmail.com

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