Project Description

Child Development Institute: 2012-2013, 2014-2015 Annual Reports









Project Brief: To produce the 2014 – 2015 Annual Report for CDI (Child Development Institue). The Child Development Institute is an accredited Children’s mental health agency in downtown Toronto. The organization offers various programs for children, youth and their families suffering from mental health issues. The annual report had to highlight the progress made over the year by the organization. The report needed to show diversity of the programs, expertise of the faculty and the breadth of resources that the organization has all over the city of Toronto and the GTA.

My Role: Lead Designer

Audience: Faculty and Board Members at CDI, Donors, Prospective Donors

Concept: The concept of this years report was to highlight the appreciation that is felt towards the program and program leaders by the parents of children who participate. We showed this visually using a handwritten thank you letter from a parent, hung on a refrigerator for the cover photo. Elements and visuals tying into this concept are used throughout the entire report. This includes handwritten typography and photos of the same home used on the cover.

Process: Several conceptual directions were presented to the client and the chosen concept was further developed. We went through the articles of the report and designed specific spreads for each one choosing photography that complimented each story. Various rounds of revisions were completed and then the final printed piece was approved. We also developed a version of the piece to be used digitally on CDI’s website.

Results: The client received outstanding feedback from donors and faculty. Our firm was awarded the project again for the next years report.