Project Description

Child Development Institute: “Kitchen Ready Kids” Cookbook









Project Brief: To create a cookbook designed specifically to be used by children and youth in the Child Development Institute (CDI) “Taste of Home” program. The program is held in different shelters across the GTA and engages children staying in the shelter to participate in cooking classes. These classes teach not only valuable cooking skills, but also different methods of controlling and working through stress and anxiety.

My Role: These cookbooks were created by myself along with the team at Fusion Design Group. My role included, creative direction and development/execution of the publications.

Concept: “Kitchen Ready Kids” was the theme of the cookbook. This tag line comes from the Taste of Home program itself where the kids are asked throughout the class if they feel “kitchen ready.” For a child to be “kitchen ready” they need to be in touch with their feelings, and in tune with whether or not they are mentally prepared to take part in the cooking class. If they do not feel “Kitchen Ready” they must work through the stress they are feeling with one of the counsellors in the program before taking part. We used this theme throughout the entire cookbook. The illustrations, photography and typography were all targeted towards a younger audience. The book includes side bars and call outs that highlight different ways/tips to manage stress and anxiety.

Result: Three years later the books are still being used in the program. The team at Fusion took part in a session of Taste of Home at a shelter downtown. We were delighted to see how much the children enjoyed using the books and how easy they were for them to use. At the end of each program children take part in a graduation ceremony. As part of the ceremony the kids receive a chefs hat and their very own copy of the “Kitchen Ready Kids” cookbook.