Project Description

DUO (Dance Umbrella Ontario) – Visual Identity and Website


Project Brief: To create a visual identity system for Dance Umbrella Ontario, an organization in Toronto that provides dancers and artists with support, expertise and knowledge to bring their artistic vision to life and ensure their success.

My Role: This visual identity system was created by myself along with the team at Fusion Design Group. My role included, lead designer and prototyping.

Concept: We wanted the logo to echo the personality of “DUO” it needed to strike a balance between creative expression and their knowledge about the business of dance. To do this we chose to mix two typefaces each with a different personality and connect them using the negative space of the letterforms. This visually represents the relationship between the artists and the people who work in the organization.  From there we chose a colour palette that again struck a balance between feeling very artistic and very professional. The system needed to look bold, edgy and at the same time still look clean and professional.

Results: The client received great feedback from employees in the organization as well as from the artists that use their services. The company now has a lot of equity built up in the logo and visual system and is well recognized in the dance community.