Project Description

IABC/Toronto: Communicator Newsletter











Project Brief: To re-design the quarterly newsletter for IABC/Toronto “Communicator” to go from a printed version to a digital version. The digital version of the newsletter had to be interactive, accessible. The new design had to be an evolution from the original design of the printed newsletter.

My Role: Designer

Audience: All local IABC members.

Concept: The newsletter articles are written by various communicators across Toronto, each article in each issue has a different theme and concept. The overall design of the newsletter evolved from using only photography to using flat vector illustrations. With the illustrative style we were able to solve the problem of finding interesting and relevant photography for each article. Each illustration is based on the content in the article.

Process: Working with the client, we take all of the articles for each issue and read through them carefully to come up with the look and feel for the article. We go through and create a full proof of the newsletter and send that to the client for their feedback. After this stage we go through rounds of revisions and proofreading with the client. After a few rounds of revisions and feedback we arrive at the final proof.

Result: Feedback from the client and the members of IABC/Toronto is always very positive. The piece is again going through a re-design and will soon be designed as a microsite so that it will be fully responsive and interactive.